Guilt of Ambition

Sometimes I wish I am not the man I am today. I am so used to being a hustler, and crude, based on the way I've been treated over the years. It's helped me get to where I am, but also being a man having little to no patience, it's isolated me. Being taught to… Continue reading Guilt of Ambition


The Perceived Sin of Pursuit

Society tells us to want to look beautiful, to want more assets, and to climb the social ladder is to sin. But what’s wrong with appreciating and discovering the potential of the human body, to work for the things that put a smile on our face, and to learn from the experience as we get… Continue reading The Perceived Sin of Pursuit

What if I have no experience?

In regards to jobs requiring experience: ALWAYS apply/contact companies REGARDLESS of whether they require experience or not. Many take inexperienced hands all the time. In reality labour work or other entry-level positions are very brainless and require minimal training. Even operating a piece of equipment or pulling cable does not require rocket science. Regardless of… Continue reading What if I have no experience?

Quick Real Estate Investment Return Analysis Sample

I'm thinking of renting out my current condo (1150 sq ft, 2+1bed 2 bath, too big for my 1 person house hold) and buying a smaller one closer to my work. This is an older condo with great amenities but high maintenance fees (all util + cable included), mortgage has been paid off, and my… Continue reading Quick Real Estate Investment Return Analysis Sample

Confidence and Luck

The first step of success is believing you can do it. If you do not, then you already lose. We all were born with nothing in this world at one point. Nobody is born beautiful, smart, and/or rich. We are just shaped overtime by our experiences. Luck is a significant factor shaping those experiences. Some… Continue reading Confidence and Luck

Good and Bad in a Person

You don't hate them, you just hate the things they do. There is always something you can't stand in somebody. Some people have more things to hate than others. However, it doesn't mean you hate her/him. You just hate the things she/he does. It doesn't necessarily mean she/he is automatically a bad person. It just… Continue reading Good and Bad in a Person

Another Day in the Oilsands

Here I sit alone in my semi truck at an oilsands plant between Conklin and Fort McMurray. The cab offers relieving refuge from the scorching northern Alberta heat, with a helping hand from the prairie winds. I bathe in sweat cooking under my thick coveralls. My heart still pains from all the women who've left… Continue reading Another Day in the Oilsands

Mid-2018 Goal Update

I've been daydreaming about getting the CPA, since I am my own company’s accountant and have the patience for it. What I do seems to be working currently anyways. Tax season is also coincidently around Spring Breakup. However, I would just have my own firm. Option (B): finish my electrician apprenticeship. Or (C): get my… Continue reading Mid-2018 Goal Update

From a Personal to Business Relationship

"You can complain about her being dishonest outside the workplace, and could never trust her with anything remotely personal. She'd tell you she'd be falling for you but give you a daily morning digest of the list of men chasing her, plus her affairs with her exes. As her life career, little exists outside constantly… Continue reading From a Personal to Business Relationship

The Decline of the Worker’s Market

"I'm cheaper than the rest of them, so technically you're paying me less." "Well you being cheaper gives them a reason to give you work." "Just be grateful you have a job; many others aren't working." And this is why none of us work together anymore. Why should someone else's situation dictate my self-worth; why… Continue reading The Decline of the Worker’s Market