December 2017- The Losses Continue

On top of the lower than anticipated income for 2017, someone hitting my car, my windshield being damaged, my unexpected dental and legal bills, and my client reducing my pay rates, etc. - now I am hit with a sudden special assessment of $11,880 for my condo. My fortunes only continue to worsen. The special… Continue reading December 2017- The Losses Continue


Dilemma of Pains of the Past

My years of self-development have involved co-workers causing me to lose jobs, going through women looking for other guys with no direction in their lives, fighting the academic elites bred from Old Money and Foreign Money in UBC and Vancouver, and other grievances. The common logic is to move forward with your life, which I… Continue reading Dilemma of Pains of the Past

Coffee Shops and The Alberta Young Adult Rat Race

It feels strange working only 40 - 50 hour work weeks. I wanted to work for another company because of it, as being paid hourly, working so little means lacklustre income. With all the spare time though, I can allocate it to fitness, studies, and to brainstorm new ways to make money. If I'm not… Continue reading Coffee Shops and The Alberta Young Adult Rat Race

November 2017; Month 54 in Alberta

Snow falls, life falls. In sequel to my last¬†October 2017¬†post, things only get worse. Legal bills to deal with speeding tickets are around the corner. Since my driver's abstract needs to be clean to keep driving truck, even a minor speeding ticket requires a lawyer's hand to keep my records clean. Lesson learned: get a… Continue reading November 2017; Month 54 in Alberta

The Negative Correlation of Attractiveness, Money, and Women

  You must pick up lots of girls with that car. ... bet lots of women look at you. You look hot in that car. You could get any girl you want. You're a sweetheart, why are you still single? ... bet you have girls crawling all over you with that body of yours. One… Continue reading The Negative Correlation of Attractiveness, Money, and Women

Climbing on Borrowed Time

As the other young adults make a career out of chasing young dumb girls or looking for the attention and affection of lonely men, eating chips in front of the TV, making poor financial and life decisions, and living a life lacking of ambition, I take the opportunity to become as much of a force… Continue reading Climbing on Borrowed Time

F83 BMW M4 Cabriolet as a Daily Driver

I've always been a convertible guy with a soft spot for the roadster look and the feeling of cold morning air blowing on my face, especially after my old E93 335i. For a while I've been saving up for a Porsche 911, having a love for the way Porsches drive. The Porsche is a more… Continue reading F83 BMW M4 Cabriolet as a Daily Driver

Investment Condos: Edmonton vs. Lower Mainland, BC

My original idea was to keep expanding the real estate portion of my portfolio with Edmonton properties, due to the following: (1) Low entry cost. Compared to Lower Mainland, BC; "Greater Vancouver area"; with the ever-tightening mortgage rules, Edmonton's real estate is much easier to get into, as prime location properties can be acquired for… Continue reading Investment Condos: Edmonton vs. Lower Mainland, BC

October 2017: 4 Years + 5 Months in Alberta

Sudden $2,460 dental bill. Sudden $1,000 vehicle bill. Selected for a CRA 2016 Tax Review. Further tightening mortgage rules by OSFI. The ending of the road construction season with lacklustre earnings. When it rains, it pours. It was only not until I had my root canal and fillings done and walked up to the receptionist,… Continue reading October 2017: 4 Years + 5 Months in Alberta