Autumn Battle Song

For the last 5 years, I’ve went to the gym daily/semi-daily, after working 10-15 hours a day, and to eat almost nothing but meat/fruit/yogurt/eggs. For this is my battle song:I do not go for the sake of impressing others. Find me beautiful? A woman would still look for a man not good looking, has no… Continue reading Autumn Battle Song


Why I won’t be a salaried employee

I would never leave to work for any major corporation as an employee or full time long term vendor. Even if the last oilfield services company doubles their salary offer to me , I still say no.In 2016, one used to pay me $86,400 base salary to work only 6 months of the year .… Continue reading Why I won’t be a salaried employee

Paycut and Oilfield Family

Life being home more lately with less rapid growth is taking a bit to get used to. I’ve taken a $2000-3000/month pay-cut. Now to be fair, before that, my business indirectly cost me another relationship. Some projects I worked 16-28 hours straight. Then I’d take a short nap, and continue. But now, I’ve been able… Continue reading Paycut and Oilfield Family

Buyouts and decreasing returns towards equilibrium

(1) Most investors (or wanna-be ones) aim for a 7-10% return in large, "less risky" equities, give or take. (2) Businesses usually aim for a 20-30% profit margin on their ongoing investments/costs of goods sold. After all their operating costs, they are happy with a 1x% return to pass onto the shareholders, whether between dividends… Continue reading Buyouts and decreasing returns towards equilibrium

The Profit in Irrational Love

A good childhood friend of mine didn't move in together with his Miss until almost 5 years later. They wanted to ensure their relationship and careers were strong first, and that they knew each other well. Afterwards if they do butt heads then they see their bond as more of an incentive to remain together… Continue reading The Profit in Irrational Love

Investment Portfolio, Family, and Dreams

What is my dream? To build the ultimate business and investment portfolio (i.e. produce, own, and be part of successful businesses). The thought of my family gets me up every morning to work hard for this dream. Once achieved, my dream will come true. That is to be home every night with my family -… Continue reading Investment Portfolio, Family, and Dreams