Our Dog and how She’s just like us


Our family dog has always been loving of our family, but she’s weird around people.

If you show friendliness to her, in joy and excitement she will run in circles and jump up and down and want to get to know you.

If you give her attitude or signs of disapproval, she will start to snicker, get angry, and sometimes bark.

Around other dogs, she likes to sniff them, but sometimes if they sniff back- or they seem discontent and/or defensive about it, she will get very angry. She seems to favour greatly other few dogs who are loyal and accepting to her.

Sometimes I can’t help but think our dog is a metaphor of how we grew up, and it often feels like she is literally our sister. We were always very cautious around people, especially if we didn’t know them. We were hard to gain trust from. We don’t readily socialize, but are very nice if you are friendly. And we get angry very easily (though more silently) if we feel insulted.


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