Basic Logic Necessary In School 

In response to the Alberta plan to overhaul the education system:

How about teaching them basic life skills and logic. Like how to change your oil or a set of wipers. How to change your wheels. Taxes. How to count your paycheque to make sure it’s right. How to make a budget. How to save money. Basic financial literacy like why a car loan of 29% is bad, or why earning 4-5% on your money is better than 1. Basic common sense why having kids without a career isn’t a good idea. How to open a TFSA and what it is. What a stock is and how to buy one. How to dress and act for a job interview. How to look for a job. How to call companies for work when you can’t find job postings suitable. How to keep a job. How to make basic repairs to your house such as fixing the shitter or worn flooring. What credit is and not to ruin it. How to save for and buy a house. Basic eating concepts like calorie and nutrient counting so you are healthy and look the way you like. What a condom or birth control is. The importance of a suitable partner over an idiot so you don’t find yourself in financial or emotional jeopardy. Etc.


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