A Reversal in Fortunes

My recent good luck streak of finishing school, making $518/day, acquiring my 1st property at age 22 (while having 3 years of oilfield and construction experience, and 3.5 years of university), and about to order my 1st Porsche, finally came to an end with a sudden reversal in fortunes- loss of work as I went on a 3-week paid vacation.

I went to a good friend’s wedding in Canmore, which was good fun. Then I spent some time catching up on errands, attending job interviews, making phone calls, sending resumes, and allocating twice as much time and energy into my fitness.

Job searches came to 2 conclusions:

(1) Employer’s market. Some are now taking the time to screen applicants and taking their sweet time to choose the ideal one. Previously, such positions would be begging for people.

(2) Drop in wage rates to take advantage of the down economy.

(3) It’s competitive to even get a job delivering pizzas.



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