Counting down the days we have left together

I bought the daily driver when I first moved to Edmonton, but I am almost due for something new. Somehow, if I make everything financially work in my favour, I’ve considered the following:

(1) Porsche Boxster S- $98,711 after taxes ($1,199/mo.)

Noteworthy options are the Sport Chrono Package, Sport Exhaust, Full Leather Seats in Beige, Porsche Torque Vectoring, and Porsche Active Suspension Management. This would be the next nearest upgrade to my current vehicle. Practicality is questionable, so I would likely have an older SUV for driving to oil towns where packing is required.

(2) Macan GTS- $87,822 after taxes ($1,066/mo.)

Similar options as above. This is the most practical and cheapest option, as then I can use it as my fun daily driver, take it to work and have the cargo space for packing, have AWD and ground clearance for rough roads and winters, and take it on long road and camping trips. But, it is not nearly as fun as a RWD, manual transmission convertible, and SUVs depreciate heavily.

(3) Porsche 911 (base)- $122,493 after taxes  ($1,417/mo.)

Similar options as above, but I likely can’t afford it unless I really pull something out of my ass. Probably the funnest car out of the whole list and a little more practical than the 2-seater, soft-top Boxster. Though if I’ve been able to buy my past BMWs, pickup, 2 condos, and have around 4 years of total post-secondary and 4 years of road construction and oilfield experience all by Age 23, I should eventually find a way to do it.

(4) Mercedes C63 AMG S Cabriolet- $93,600  (or about $4,000 less for non-S)

There is just something about that glorious V8 sound to love and having all that power to shoot from 0-100km/h in around 4 seconds. I’ve always found Mercedes interiors beautiful as well. Though soft tops are ugly and no manual transmission. For the money you do get more than the Boxster S.

(5) Porsche Macan Turbo- $99,780 after taxes 

Price is with what options I’d pick with the GTS version. Most practical out of this whole list aside from GTS and more powerful than the GTS.



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