April Dating Blues

See a lot of men coming in the coffee shop with their pretty women as I was writing invoices. But none of these men looked that good. Through my everyday travels it’s the same. Being someone who puts in a lot to make myself, just makes me feel as if life “cheated me”.


1 thought on “April Dating Blues”

  1. Hello my friend, being a fellow Asian from Toronto (raised from a poor family) who worked and left the Oil Sands (Engineer) in 2014 after a 2 year stint (went back to Toronto to work in Nuclear), I frequent RFD (UNOAIMX – feel free to message me) – but until last week picked up your thread and got me to your blog where I then binge read all your entries in 2 days over the long weekend. I deeply respect your endless drive to achieve what you see as a “self made man”. We can talk on RFD if you want to hear my experience.
    I recommend this book by Tucker Max if you had not already read it, to understand own shortcomings and the dating game better.
    Mate: Become the Man Women Want, with Geoffrey Miller (2015)
    Limited social circle in Alberta will always drag us down when it comes to dating. And being Asian it is especially hard to break into and build up a respectable social circle to attract the kind of mate you seem to desire.
    Some other stats is that most ‘successful couples’ – meet in University and if you are going back to school, take advantage of that and take a chill attitude and find someone….loneliness might catch up to you (poor/ desperate choice of mate) and take a financial bite in your later years.
    Your posts have been becoming more negative over the last while, take a break, rest your body, seek out new inspiration and more fulfilling goals.
    Keep striving and don’t give up the fight against ‘generational wealth’….

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