Life Goals as an Uplift from the Normal Man

If I did not think everyday about my goals, such as getting a Ferrari by 30, or a Porsche, 2 properties, and an education by 23, I’d likely be descended to the level of the normal man, and be victim of the flaws of such.

I’d get lonely and start thinking of chasing dumb young girls like the rest of them. Spare time would be spent in front of the TV eating a bag of chips instead of researching new business and investment ideas, or improving my fitness and health. I would constantly complain about loneliness and being over-worked like the rest of them. I would get so lonely and tired that I would give up and go home, like the rest who have ducked their head down in defeat to life’s battles.

I can’t help but feel lonely after another night out at the bar. Everyone else seems to be getting married, spending time with their long time lovers, and seeing their family and friends. I spend much of my time alone, as many times throughout my life, a woman has stood in front of me (with another man ready to replace me) with one decision proposed:

Me or your future?

Referencing a previously popular article written by an investment banker in regards to gold diggers and other questionable women, the author defines such women as “depreciating assets“, while the financial assets appreciate (or the future, in this case). So in short, such women do not last anyways, or are only a net economic and emotional drain. The future is more important for growth and self-fulfillment for many years down the road. And, there are many more years to meet many more (better) women. At first, you can’t help but feel sad to go through so many faces. Dating aside, in the oilfield you meet many faces who are never to be seen again. It is like as if “Easy come, easy go” is the common theme on the road to success; over time, going through many people in your life here becomes akin to a dog shedding his/her skin. As one old friend mentioned:

It is lonely at the top.

On paper it’s easy to say, but in reality, the words are much more difficult to swallow. My motivation is that as soon as I fall to loneliness and desperation- 2 common downfalls of the common man- I will not see that Ferrari.

Today I sit here by myself on a bar stool at home researching business ideas while I await my phone to charge before I go to the gym for a full body workout. I am on-call at work, so I can be sent out anytime. Thankfully, this company is paying me to be on call, unlike the last. They pay me pennies in comparison ($200 – 300/day vs. 350 – 500/day), but the tax benefits of incorporation are buying me valuable time to write articles like this, work on my fitness and health, and research methods to increase my earning power.



2 thoughts on “Life Goals as an Uplift from the Normal Man”

  1. bro you are savage, 23 and making big bux and can control your emotions/ thoughts, and so wise as well. much respect.

    im thinking of doing something in the trades-such as becoming a electrician(but based on your posts, it seems it is becoming more competitive/saturated?). i also like cars a lot, similar to your taste- bmws, ferraris, porsches.

    but i dont want to pursue a career related to cars and then hate it afterwards if i do it everyday. but at the same time, i dont want to hate to go to work everyday.

    what would you recommend i do? pursue my interests in cars or go for another trade? and which trade would you recommend?

    1. Your view on a career related to cars is a common one. It’s also shared in the financial field where they assume if they like the investment side of finance, they will like investment banking. The reality is the turnover is 80%+ in junior positions. Working on someone else’s car or money is not the same as working on your own.

      There’s no good answer I can give you as there is no Picture Perfect. Everything has it’s good and bad, and you have to take the good with the bad.

      e.g. Electrician is cleaner and less physically strenuous, but the market is saturated. It’s gradually becoming like the next fresh university grad world. Heavy Duty Mechanic is a good trade always in demand, but it’s very hard on your body.

      But it’s what you end up doing with it that matters. I don’t particularly like doing what I do all the time, so I tell myself to use that to help me make a path to what I will eventually like to do.

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