Beginning of the End of Employment

No one wants to pay me what I like- especially with the shifting labour market and the oilfield downturn, shifting it into an employer's market nowadays- no longer an employee one. Many would just echo, under the influence of Desperate Worker Syndrome: "Be grateful you have a job." A worker's wage is the result of… Continue reading Beginning of the End of Employment


The True Cost of Failed Love

"I'm not even afraid of her taking half. The problem is if she likes to waste time or not let me work, I won't even have any money for her to take." Most men nowadays are afraid of the woman taking half when she goes. However, that is not the greatest cost of failed love-… Continue reading The True Cost of Failed Love

Brief Cliff Notes on UBC student -> Oilfield Career Timeline

Left UBC when I was 19 after finishing 3/4 years of my Math and Economics degree (with Computer Science and Commerce Minors). Current standing, at this time of writing: Age: 24 Assets: $328,000 814 sq ft. Edmonton Floor 3 condo, $296,000 650 sq ft. Edmonton top floor condo. F83 BMW M4 Cabriolet. Excludes cash and… Continue reading Brief Cliff Notes on UBC student -> Oilfield Career Timeline

Young People “Doing Well”- a Hated Crowd

Supposingly I've been a young guy doing well, so I'm part of one of the most hated crowds. Supposingly I spent my years on self-development while other young people were flipping burgers, chasing young dumb girls in bars (or vice versa, trying to line up as many lonely guys as possible), and sitting at home… Continue reading Young People “Doing Well”- a Hated Crowd

Brief Note on Employee vs. Sole Proprietorship vs. Incorporation

- Sole prop vs. incorporated: Sole prop. is cheaper, more simple, less paperwork. But doesn't come with the limited liability, tax deferral, share issue potential, and income flexibility (pay yourself mileage instead of using direct vehicle expense writeoffs, income splitting, tax deferral, can pay salary or dividends, etc.) of a corporation. Some industries will also… Continue reading Brief Note on Employee vs. Sole Proprietorship vs. Incorporation

Job Interviews- Only a Formality

Interviews nowadays are often just a brief formality. Employers have met thousands of people over the years and have the experience to quickly tell what kind of person you are within minutes. In fact you develop that sixth sense in dating after a while as well- to quickly tell what kind of person someone generally… Continue reading Job Interviews- Only a Formality

Differing Mentalities of Life

Often at some point we're posed with the question: "what is life about?" Problem is, there are so many different philosophies of life. For instance, - A typical mentor or guidance counsellor in Hippie province of BC would tell you to make a career out of smoking weed in mom's basement, work at Starbucks, paint… Continue reading Differing Mentalities of Life

The Bank as the Greatest Enemy

Dealing with the bank is like playing devil's advocate, as the bank is currently my greatest enemy- giving me much grief to acquire funding for my ventures. I must align my lifestyle, taxes, general finances, and income decisions (e.g. employment, dividends) to satisfy its rules, and even reduce my income just to show the pieces of… Continue reading The Bank as the Greatest Enemy

Tears of the Oilfield/Trades 

Much of my time is spent alone, and it is not the rigours of oilfield and road construction work that gets me down, but the emotional aspect- the loneliness. I'd imagine that is what destroys the typical worker's future in this field as he falls into the world of escorts, broken marriages/relationships and child support… Continue reading Tears of the Oilfield/Trades