Self-Sufficient Investment Property Portfolio Growth

"5 is the magic number. Eventually, [investment properties you acquire will] pay for more of themselves." At a dinner with a good colleague of mine we were discussing our ambitions with real estate and our career paths in general. Our academic backgrounds and risk appetites diverged widely. He was a carpenter by trade who also… Continue reading Self-Sufficient Investment Property Portfolio Growth


Conspiracy Theory of Competition

The usual accepted social norm is to party, make a side (or complete) career out of chasing dumb girls thirsting and daydreaming for lonely men (or vice versa), go to school, get a job, get a lengthy loan on some X vehicle and Y home that everyone else has, and work only as a salaried… Continue reading Conspiracy Theory of Competition

Tears From Vancouver to Alberta

It has been almost 4.5 years since I threw all my stuff in my car and drove away from Vancouver to Alberta, not looking back. These days my back and feet ache and drench with sweat- some trickling down from my forehead and can even be tasted as stray streams reach my lips. For 15… Continue reading Tears From Vancouver to Alberta

“Maybe at the End of your Career”

Once I was taking a walk with a woman (one who went to university for a traditional white-collar career) and I casually showed her an ad for a "997" Porsche 911 Turbo (about $80,000+ market value). She responded: "maybe at the end of your career". As soon as I heard that, I could not help… Continue reading “Maybe at the End of your Career”