August: Working for up to 16 hours/day, for 2 Companies

The summer days pass by bathing in my own sweat beneath 2-3 sweater thick coveralls under the scorching Alberta sun, and inside a vacuum or tanker truck where neither the air conditioners or fans work, and you're lucky if the thing even drives in a straight line. Bent over smashing 4-inch diameter vacuum truck hoses… Continue reading August: Working for up to 16 hours/day, for 2 Companies


Sour Memorairs of Vancouver 

Despite doing much better these days in Alberta, the words echoed to me almost daily since I was a child still remind me of my purpose: "You must study and work harder and smarter than most, as you do not come from a privileged family with connections and money. Those who do so have capabilities… Continue reading Sour Memorairs of Vancouver¬†