Summer and Year 5 In Alberta: Strategic Implications

A new piece of real estate every year. Ferrari by 30. Not forgetting the battle against the academic and social ladder elites bred from Old Money and Wealthy Immigrant and Foreigner Money back in Vancouver. Though I left that war of attrition a little over four years ago- deeming my resources and experience inadequate to… Continue reading Summer and Year 5 In Alberta: Strategic Implications

August: Working for up to 16 hours/day, for 2 Companies

The summer days pass by bathing in my own sweat beneath 2-3 sweater thick coveralls under the scorching Alberta sun, and inside a vacuum or tanker truck where neither the air conditioners or fans work, and you're lucky if the thing even drives in a straight line. Bent over smashing 4-inch diameter vacuum truck hoses… Continue reading August: Working for up to 16 hours/day, for 2 Companies

Self-Sufficient Investment Property Portfolio Growth

"Eventually, [investment properties you acquire will] pay for more of themselves." At a dinner with a good colleague of mine we were discussing our ambitions with real estate and our career paths in general. Our academic backgrounds and risk appetites diverged widely. He was a carpenter by trade who also had built dozens of houses… Continue reading Self-Sufficient Investment Property Portfolio Growth