From Student to Business Owner and Investor- how did I get here?

Why am I here? How come me, the once to-be-destined academic prodigy destined to become a lawyer, elite academic to hold prestigious Master's Degrees, or big shot investment banker, is now reduced to running a combo vacuum truck 1.5 hours away from civilization? Here I sit in my well-site shack eating garlic bread, apples, leftover… Continue reading From Student to Business Owner and Investor- how did I get here?


Lessening Rental and Employment Income Tax Bleed

I have been daydreaming about a new plan for 2018 - a new rental condo in the Coquitlam, BC area, but with the smallest downpayment possible and a means to get out of paying so much tax: - Mortgage interest is a tax write-off. - Claim CCA (depreciation) tax deduction on the physical property; 4%… Continue reading Lessening Rental and Employment Income Tax Bleed

Word about Dating Pickiness

It pays to be picky, but to a point. Some people want too much and that's why they're unhappy - they want someone who makes good money yet has all the time in the world, is the ideal height, has the ideal facial characteristics, is the perfect romantic click, wants just as many kids, etc...… Continue reading Word about Dating Pickiness

January 2018- Reversal of Fortunes?

The second half of 2017 was met with a series of unfortunate events: A sudden $2,460 dental bill, $11,880 special assessment, $895 legal fees, $1,500 from a broken windshield (which broke again by a rock at this time of writing) and damaged bumper, and a woman who drove me crazy and made me wonder how… Continue reading January 2018- Reversal of Fortunes?

Limits of Real Estate

Those financially illiterate, and equity-volatility-averse, will hold onto their properties until very old age, despite cash-on-cash returns that lag behind that of equities. They preach paid-off 0-debt properties producing consistent rent cash flow, taxable at their top tax bracket. They will pay the price in lower returns to have something tangible. Outside GVA, GTA, appreciation… Continue reading Limits of Real Estate

30 Ways to Save Money

For most people, a better career and a second side job (even flipping burgers) usually nets more cash at the end of the day than trying to pinch every penny of savings. The problem is usually they are too lazy; penny smart, but pound foolish. Though to be more on topic, some other tips: (1)… Continue reading 30 Ways to Save Money

December 2017- The Losses Continue

On top of the lower than anticipated income for 2017, someone hitting my car, my windshield being damaged, my unexpected dental and legal bills, and my client reducing my pay rates, etc. - now I am hit with a sudden special assessment of $11,880 for my condo. My fortunes only continue to worsen. The special… Continue reading December 2017- The Losses Continue

Dilemma of Pains of the Past

My years of self-development have involved co-workers causing me to lose jobs, going through women looking for other guys with no direction in their lives, fighting the academic elites bred from Old Money and Foreign Money in UBC and Vancouver, and other grievances. The common logic is to move forward with your life, which I… Continue reading Dilemma of Pains of the Past

Coffee Shops and The Alberta Young Adult Rat Race

It feels strange working only 40 - 50 hour work weeks. I wanted to work for another company because of it, as being paid hourly, working so little means lacklustre income. With all the spare time though, I can allocate it to fitness, studies, and to brainstorm new ways to make money. If I'm not… Continue reading Coffee Shops and The Alberta Young Adult Rat Race