Stereotype of Asians and Money

"Most jump to the conclusion that if you are Asian and you look like you have money, your family must have money. I'm the odd one whose does not. I am somewhat a runt of my race. That's why I work in construction and the oilfield." Growing up in places like BC (especially Vancouver area)… Continue reading Stereotype of Asians and Money


Common Fallacies of Real Estate Investing

Whatever you invest in, do your due diligence and research using multiple sources... or advisors, if you like people. You'd be surprised at the conflicting opinions you'll get, especially talking to an aggressive investor and businessperson, versus someone working at a bank, or a grown kid in Mom's Basement dream of interest rates rising to… Continue reading Common Fallacies of Real Estate Investing

Being a Victim and Slave of Time

This June marks the first month after 4 years in Alberta, upon leaving Vancouver as I threw all my belongings into my car. I've made many goals ever since- many which have failed admist stiffer-than-expected competition and rapidly deteriorating economic conditions. Even though I've lost many battles, the war has never been lost. I've made headwinds in the… Continue reading Being a Victim and Slave of Time