Life’s Unfairness

Growing up in BC often involved a theme of unfairness in a lacklustre economy, where unless you came from a family of privilege, connections, and money, you really had little to no future, as the costs of living (especially real estate) were prohibitive, and jobs generally hyper-competitive and poorly paying. Though regardless of location, if… Continue reading Life’s Unfairness


Emotional Struggles of the Alberta Oilfield

Still fresh in my memory is the driving and moving to an oil town with a population of around 7,000 where I knew nobody, and the company parties where I stood in front of everyone like a stranger ghost nobody had seen. I'd then another day gaze into the cold blue eyes of a pretty… Continue reading Emotional Struggles of the Alberta Oilfield

Return on Equity of Real Estate

For things like real estate, most dream about increasing cashflow as the mortgage is paid down, and the ultimate dream is paid off properties that provide consistent rent cheques and appreciation. Though in terms of return on investment (ROI), per dollar you are making less as more of your money is used to make a… Continue reading Return on Equity of Real Estate

Quick Briefing of Investing

There's no true financial advisor; most are just salespeople. People who are actually "good" at making money are busy doing it amongst themselves and don't want to attract too much people in their area in fear they will bring down yields. The more people who get into something, the higher the price to get in,… Continue reading Quick Briefing of Investing

Aggressive Real Estate: One large home with HELOC vs. Multiple Properties

My objective to a Ferrari by 30 (or, financial freedom for that matter) has revolved around a theoretically simple yet in practice, complex strategy: Acquire and hold 5 condos (likely in the mid $200,000 - 300,000s), rent out 4, and liquidate in 5 years to re-balance the overall portfolio (when then having more cash would… Continue reading Aggressive Real Estate: One large home with HELOC vs. Multiple Properties

September 2017 – Month 52 in Alberta

Outsmarting the banks hell-bent on stopping risk takers such as investors, volatile high-income employees, and entrepreneurs. Shielding the fruits of my labour from the government that gives it to people empty of ambition, who do not work much. Tasting my blood, sweat, and tears for up to 16 hours a day in the 3x celsius… Continue reading September 2017 – Month 52 in Alberta

Summer and Year 5 In Alberta: Strategic Implications

A new piece of real estate every year. Ferrari by 30. My decision to pack my bags and drive here with only my belongings in the trunk and back seats on my own accord in the Summer of 2013 has been the most significant strategic gamble to-date. Even at sub-$50/barrel oil, the abundance of high-paying… Continue reading Summer and Year 5 In Alberta: Strategic Implications

August: Working for up to 16 hours/day, for 2 Companies

The summer days pass by bathing in my own sweat beneath 2-3 sweater thick coveralls under the scorching Alberta sun, and inside a vacuum or tanker truck where neither the air conditioners or fans work, and you're lucky if the thing even drives in a straight line. Bent over smashing 4-inch diameter vacuum truck hoses… Continue reading August: Working for up to 16 hours/day, for 2 Companies

Sour Memorairs of Vancouver 

Despite doing much better these days in Alberta, the words echoed to me almost daily since I was a child still remind me of my purpose: "You must study and work harder and smarter than most, as you do not come from a privileged family with connections and money. Those who do so have capabilities… Continue reading Sour Memorairs of Vancouver¬†

Self-Sufficient Investment Property Portfolio Growth

"Eventually, [investment properties you acquire will] pay for more of themselves." At a dinner with a good colleague of mine we were discussing our ambitions with real estate and our career paths in general. Our academic backgrounds and risk appetites diverged widely. He was a carpenter by trade who also had built dozens of houses… Continue reading Self-Sufficient Investment Property Portfolio Growth