March 2018: Month 58 in Alberta

After an abysmal February, March has brought some light and hope for 2018. The new oilfield services company I am contracting myself to isn't the busiest. But the people are generally decent. I'm on only semi trucks (semi vac and tanker). The money I've earned so far is respectable. I'm home in my own bed most of the time despite the… Continue reading March 2018: Month 58 in Alberta


Four Common Declines of Sympathy

(1) I've had a woman complain to me just because I put a smiley face instead of a period at the end of my phrase. Needless to say, I immediately deleted her off my phone. They say first impressions don't matter, but sometimes that's all you're going to get; that's a hint of a common… Continue reading Four Common Declines of Sympathy

Pursuit of Meeting others’ Expectations

How can I be a better candidate? How can I be better for you?  Such are questions so often questioned in both the career and dating worlds. Many job-seekers and career climbers try so hard to make the perfect resumes, perfect cover letters, and line up the perfect list of credentials just to land that… Continue reading Pursuit of Meeting others’ Expectations

Bloody February

The public pictures I as a young, fit guy driving nice BMWs and dressing beautifully. It thinks I must pick up many beautiful women and make massive piles of money rising towards the life of a true Baller - living the dream. The reality is very different. Feast or famine. The way of the oilfield. One… Continue reading Bloody February

Investing Brief

There is no "true" financial advisor; most are salespeople or an information source, as people truly "good" with money don't need to work for someone else and are busy managing their own money. The world is investing is very vast and people rarely agree on anything; you are best to do your own research and… Continue reading Investing Brief

From the Shores of BC to the Oilfield of Saskatchewan

The now-distant yet somehow still fresh melody of the BC waters still ring a song through my head. Now they are echoed with the symphony of roaring diesel engines plus the clashing iron further in the colder east. The venture for a new life and to reverse my fortunes back in early 2013 has tied… Continue reading From the Shores of BC to the Oilfield of Saskatchewan

2008 (E93) BMW 335i Ownership Cost

I've recently acquired a lightly used BMW X5 5.0 as a spare vehicle in case my M4 is unavailable, to use when I need extra space, and to take up north or to Saskatchewan through non-paved roads where I am staying on work sites, and could also use the space. However, of concern is maintenance-… Continue reading 2008 (E93) BMW 335i Ownership Cost

Cheap, Small Cap, High Growth Stocks Experiment

  Due to my young age (24) and hence limited time in industry to acquire venture capital, I am reliant on 3 main high-risk sources of income on the investment side to generate high percentage returns with small amounts of cash: (1) High leverage real estate, or other high leverage investment methods utilizing low initial… Continue reading Cheap, Small Cap, High Growth Stocks Experiment

Wealthy Families, Their Offspring, and the Alberta and Chinese Boom

Psychological studies have shown that much of your person is shaped by your experiences/upbringing by the time you're 13. Afterwards, there is still some influence by your surroundings, but the impact diminishes. So it's really a case by case basis whether privileged parents lead to privileged children. It's partly why "the rich get richer" quote… Continue reading Wealthy Families, Their Offspring, and the Alberta and Chinese Boom

Do You Need AWD/4×4 In Winter?

AWD/4WD is not a requirement; rather just a performance feature. The drivetrain just helps you get going, but not stop. Tires are the most important for both deceleration and acceleration. Too often performance/luxury SUVs/trucks/cars end up stuck in the ditch because the owner decided to use terrible tires with uneven/worn tread, or improper tires to… Continue reading Do You Need AWD/4×4 In Winter?